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Writing and Narrative Design


The Forest Paths Method for Narrative Design


Writing and Narrative Design

Using the power of the Forest Paths Method For Narrative Design to create original content that moves people.


Totem Teller

A gorgeous exploration of folk lore and storytelling. I'm writing poetry, prose and dialogue as well as the narrative part of the experience investigating the nature of story and inspiration.


Anytown: Garage Sale Monsters

Writing for this coming-of-age drama about a teenager moving to a new town on the journey to becoming an adult.

As an RPG through an emotional journey The Forest Paths Method has been vital in giving visibility to the intangible elements that bring the story to life. 


Previous Work

Previous work has included the genre breaking All Walls Must Fall and Gamescom darling Grand Values: Monaco. And for indie and AAA studios like Massive Entertainment and Stratosphere Games.

Head to my blog on Medium to read more about what I have learned along the way. 



Adapting Film and Television for Games

Examining intellectual properties from film, television and elsewhere for their potential as a game project. This includes analysis of narrative design, potential audiences as well as paths to market.

Narrative Direction and Strategy

Not everyone can afford to hire a narrative director fulltime. I provide informed advice to indie developers and publishers about the content and structure of their writing and narrative design, how it fits with the creative and business goals of the studios and potential paths to market.

Games For Change

Narrative design for education, community, museum and gallery experiences.


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